It's a Plane, it's a Bird, it's Superbug!

Even the most powerful antibiotics are unable to treat these infections.

Researchers have already identified bacteria susceptible to the NDM-1 superbug gene in people living in the U.S., Netherlands, Australia, and Canada who have traveled to India for medical care, according to the accompanying editorial.

"Most of modern medicine is based on the notion that antibiotics will work. If you no longer knew antibiotics worked, you couldn't do as much surgery, chemotherapy, transplantation," said Dr. Martin Blaser, chairman of the department of medicine at New York University Langone Medical Center.

From the Intelligently Paranoid files:

Superbug May be Stealth Weapon Against Idiot Westerners

Looky, folks, jes' say no to "medical tourism."


Aunty Belle said...

I mean, really--what is the most effective weapon ya can think of iffin' y'aint got nukes or doan wanna use the nukes ya have, keepin' those in reserve in case the superbug doan wipe out enough of the enemy?

Pam said...

Oh crikey, one more thing to worry about. But I got this today in my Outlook Inbox and thought I'd share ....

September 15, 2010

Is Congress about to steal your freedom to grow and sell herbs?

How would you like to end up in jail for growing herbs and giving them to your neighbor? Think it's absurd and will never happen here in the Land of the Free? Think again.

You may have heard that Congress is now back in session after a late-summer recess. One of the first bills they will consider is Senate Bill 510. This bill imposes draconian oversight on food production. It imposes extremely burdensome requirements on thousands of small farmers and food processors. Many of these small food producers might be selling directly to you in your local area.

The amazing bone-building discovery that cuts your risk of fracture by as much as 59%.

The frightening truth is, 1-in-2 women and 1-in-4 men over age 50 will suffer at least one bone fracture in their lifetime.

That's more than 1.5 million fractures caused by bone loss each year.

But studies show you can cut your risk of fracture by more than half with this "forgotten" nutrient. Hint: it's not calcium or vitamin D.

Keep reading:

This bill easily could wipe out the small organic farmer. But it could be much worse. Conceivably, you could become a criminal simply for growing herbs and giving them to your friend. We don't have the full understanding of how far the "benevolent" government wants to go in protecting your food. It's possible that some bureaucrat's interpretation might finger your herb garden.

We have to stop this bill. But it won't be easy. After the big egg recall, Americans are clamoring for protection from the government. I have little doubt that the unseen pushers of bills like this are Big Agri which seeks to destroy the small farmer. But they're not the only ones behind this horrible bill.

My sources say that this bill will remove our rights to own and store seeds and place that otherwise inherent right into the hands of the likes of GMO Frankenfood giant Monsanto. (No wonder this bill is getting so much support.) In the name of food safety, the government could move to promote antibiotics, hormones, and GMO Frankenseeds, likely wiping out the small conscious farmer.

I love to garden. I grow some fruit every year. If I barter some of that fruit for something else, they might haul me away as a food smuggler!

Bills like this present a great danger to freedom. Right now, the U.S. Code mandates that the government must find "credible evidence" to launch an attack on a food producer. They want to replace that phrase with "reasonable probability." Hold on. Who will be making that determination of "reasonable probability"? Some bureaucrat 3,000 miles away? Might he decide that the raw milk that has restored your health be removed for "reasonable probability"?

We don't need this bill. I'd rather take my chances on a rare outbreak of food bacteria than let the government control what comes to the food stores or what I personally can produce. I can treat the food-borne bacteria. I can't easily treat pasteurization's toxicity, Monsanto's Frankenfood, the hormones, pesticides, or other petrochemicals that are dumped into your food in the name of "safety."

Please call your senators and demand that they stop this bill dead in its tracks. Demand oversight on the use of chemicals, GMO Frankenfood, hormones, and antibiotics, and freedom for the small farmer.

To call your Senator's office in Washington, follow this link.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Robert J. Rowen, MD

Pam said...
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Pam said...
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Joanna Cake said...

We have similar problems with people going abroad for cosmetic surgery and dentistry because it's cheaper... and then when they get infections they expect the NHS to stump up.

The systemic abuse of antibiotics is going to come back and bite us on the bum big time... even those of us who avoid them unless absolutely necessary.

Aunty Belle said...


Wow--thanks for sharin' that--I coulda written it meself--has ya SEEN all the anti-Monsanto stuff I'se posted on this heah back porch??

I has been advocatin' seed savin' fer a LONG time an now see? the gubmint will make us criminals.

True seed will be the gold of tomorrow--jes' wait an see iffin' it ain't the truth.

Joana Cakey -Pie Girl!! hey hey you--so pleased ya commented--it wuz the UK that I posted a story from too--is cosmetic enhancement so important that folks will try the bargain basement back alley treatments? Mercy..an' youse right--they come home and expect the rest of us to foot their tab. Grrrr!

K9 said...

fast tracking the codex alimentarius. convenient timing with the egg salmonella outbreak. "do something!" people cry. present the problem offer the solution; make sure the solution inhibits liberty; voila tyranny!! deliver more customers to big pharma.

other countries do not allow GMO food. or lax regulations on oil rigs i.e. BP blowout. we are the chumps of the world! for crying out loud even chicken mcnuggets in the USA are different than in europe. how? ours have 65% gmo corn and dimethylpolysiloxene a kind of petroleum used as filler. i kid you not.

why are americans so darn fat? i dont think its all calorie intake. i think its poison. even if you buy fresh at the grocery you dont know what theyve done to the food to keep it viable for its long travel to the shelves.

michael pollans book the omnivores dilemma is instructive.

Americans think "cheap" is the final word on any choice. boy are we going to get it.

Boxer said...

Very glad I came here today.

Boxer said...

Pam's info is a HUGE deal, btw. I've been following it for the past year. K9 supplied me with some great podcasts that were very eye opening.

Anonymous said...

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