THIS story shall men tell their sons!

On the prior post, whar' we recalled our men of Pearl Harbor, Sophie Mae said she ain't seen Lord of the Rings, but this clip done fired her blood--the topic being the salvation of the West because men, despite trepidation, did make the sacrifice that freedom will demand at certain junctures of history.

Here is her clip, an below it, t'other one is from Shakespeare's Henry the V, whar' good King Harry, facing 5 to one odds, said, "THIS story shall men tell their sons." Both clips say somethin' us folks need to hear: What are ye made of, Men of the West?



SophieMae said...

After watching both clips, I wanna go out and clone Charles Martel, hook him up with some Greek fire and do a Sherman march across the country!

fishy said...

" ... our hearts in in the trim".

What a terrible, devastating loss our youth today has no clue what this might mean.

Aunty Belle said...


Lady, yore own heart is "in the trim"!


thar's a huge rock in mah belly , a heavey heart that done sunk over the state of our affairs.