San Francisco:Tyrant's Town


San Francisco approved a referendum for November that would outlaw circumcision.

Violators will be fined $1000. The measure is, ah, a frontal assault on the rights of others to make very personal decisions. The group that is the most vociferous about freedom to publicly live as they choose, now move punitively against others whose very private personal decisions in no manner affect any other person's rights.

I need not belabor the politics of this initiative. The plainest reality is that--as often is the case--those who demand space for their choices do not respect the privacy or choice of others. Their tactic is to demand tolerance from all, but be tolerant toward none.

Where is the outrage, America? Political correctness got yore tongue?

I'se curious about the libertarians--whar's Mr. Ron Paul on this one? He is in favor of legalizin' drugs so people can do their own thang, but ain't had a squeak on this? Ain't heered no libertarian voices raised in defense of Jewish families and others whose preference is to circumcise--whar's the indignant voices over this bigotry? Whar's the shout about this gross hypocrisy? San Francisco tolerates tattoos an' piercin' of every orifice an' protuberance, but heaven forbid a circumcision.

Some may hope that this tempest is not about bigotry. Alas. Proponents of the circumcision ban published a comic book promoting the ban called "Foreskin Man," that drags out the same old claim of Jews threatening Nordic purity. Oh mah gracious--imagine iffin' a white supremist published a comic like that? heh. Why the firestorm would light all of China. Then why does we accept such pure hated from the San Franciscans behind this ballot initiative? WHY? Why do we allow one group to foster hated but not another?

Jes' wonderin' how many libertarian op-editors or talkin' heads have the courage to call this for what it is.

I had thought to turn off the combox on this--principally because I realize few will want to risk a comment for fear this or that viewpoint will be offended. But, that would be as cowardly as all those I'se mentioned above.

It might be a violation of some tacit blogger standard of good manners to bring up a tender topic. I hope not. What will become of America if we cannot discuss the deepest assaults on our culture?
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czar said...

Absolutely ridiculous. On many fronts. That a jurisdiction that's had AIDS on the mind for going on 30 years would do something like this -- privacy and freedom issues aside -- is insane. Circumcision leads to better genital health for men and women. Sorry. That's the case.

But it does give me a chance to bring up a circumcision joke. For the uninitiated, a mohel is the person in the Jewish community who performs circumcisions.


Mohel's hobby is creating things out of clipped foreskins.

Mohel presents a friend with a wallet made of the foreskins.

Friend says, "What's so special about this?"

Mohel says, "If you rub it, it turns into a suitcase."


foam said...

Only in San Francisco .... I read both articles. I doubt it will pass.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul? I don't think Ron Paul should comment on this. I think Ron Paul should retire so someone can represent the good people of East Texas in Congress.

I think scumdog Bay Area Traitor-Democrat-Party-Of-Filth politicians should be the ones compelled to comment on this. Especially Pelosi and anyone else who has a lot of Jews on their donor lists.

I personally LOVE IT when the hard-left shock-troops of the Democrat Party pit themselves against Jews.

Between this sort of nonsense, and some of the Anti-Semites that the Obamanation has appointed, I think we could get as much as 40% of the Jewish Vote in 2012. And the democrats could get 10% fewer dollars from Jewish donors.

Doesn't sound like much, but in a close election...

chickory said...

this is not a surprise nor does it even bother me. on the scale that libs want to control and judge every act all while frontin' as libertines is expected and common. Today i did a little research on food and you cannot believe (well, YOU can, aunty) what a backstabbing dirt bag hopey change is to his supporters. but not a peep out of them. but cheer up! they still sell baby Jesus b...never mind aunty. i cant even write it.

Bird said...

Half the folks in SF are laughing over this cockamanie idea. It won't pass. Just some over-the-top nuts running amok as is sometimes their wont. But I wouldn't say that SF is a tyrant's town. Hey, we even let idiots gets their stupid ideas out.

FYI: The City Attorney's Office has filed a brief against the measure. See: http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Circumcision-Ban-Doesnt-Cut-it-With-SF-City-Attorney-124884489.html

Aunty Belle said...

Ha! Birdy,
thas' a great flfyby with good info--nutty place by the bay--thanky so much fer update.