Stay Tuned for Superstition

Fer various reasons, reckon I'se gonna do a post heah soon on the subject of religion. Thar' is plenty of pollyticks too, mebbe even money--ya know, all the stuff yore Mama tole ya' not to discuss in public. That is, iffin' yore Mama 's Mama tole her that.

Course, today, it's all dialog. Nuthin' is off limits socially anymore, 'cept morals, or truth, or other heinous topics.

Anyhoo, stay tuned. Comin' soon as I can back out all the sly humor an' wilting sarcasm.

( funny aside: Uncle's word: scarcasm. He say Aunty leaves marks on yore hide.)

Now that I done frightened the chillen', mayhap few will take a peek back heah. But in case serious debate is yore forte, suit up.


czar said...

God and crime? Atheism? The effects of Zoroastrianism on the 2012 Florida primary? Aunty, why do you do me this way in the busy season???

moi said...

'S okay. I'm armed :o)

Aunty Belle said...

we could roll 'em into one huge hoe down. Looky, I'se gonna go slow wif' this one--it will be up while I'se eatin' escargot fer a few weeks.

An' pollyticks be first--ya could sit that out while ya meet deadlines.

Moi-- tell Aunty fer true, our bloggin' has been goody, sweet, an' so fun, all our games, an' honest affection--but doan ya jes' onc't in awhile wanna git under the surface?

foam said...

but it's rotten under the surface!

Aunty Belle said...

Foamy...(smile)...but Sweet Pea, ain't sunlight a good disinfectant?

Idea is jes' to examine some assumptions--see do they hold.