Modern Atheism as Superstition Comin' Soon


Abbaye Saint Foy at Night: Conques, France



Anonymous said...


Aunty Belle said...

oh, dear God in heaven.

Never found the "why" though the text indicated such, it was not forthcoming.

czar said...

Well, there's an uplifting link.

What's with all the anons lately? People are really getting lazy if they can't work up the creativity even to post under a false name.

I don't think Anons get to trot this one out, which I saw elsewhere a few days ago:

Blogito ergo sum.

I wonder what's Latin for, "I blog, therefore I'm only further behind in work."

Aunty Belle said...

ain't it so. Well, Aunty, as ya may notice, seems to git mor'n her fair share of Anons. I ain't figgered iffin' thas on account of the topics bein' so contentious that folks wanna hide, or general searches on some subjects throws up Aunty's porches an the comments is from folks wif' no blogs of they own.

One other Anon category is a clan folk who wanders by to needle me some.

I ain't fergot that Is'e gonna kick up some sand back heah--next week. It's jes' that like yoreownself, I'se behind in my real work.

Thx fer the visit.

Anonymous said...

"The common error of ordinary religious
practice is to mistake the symbol for the
reality, to look at the finger pointing
the way and then to suck it for comfort
rather than follow it."

Aunty Belle said...

heh...well, thas' a clevah carp from a theosophist.

Aunty done a loooong assignment on Gurdjeiff ( who influenced yore friend Watts) an Gurdjieff's cohorts--their followers are part of the occult underpinning of an international institution thas' beastly, in mah view.

The elites of this institution sit around on appointed days at appointed times concentratin' their "conscious focus" on an idea they hope to make real in the world. They believe their collective thought energy will change the world. They also believe THEY are the few who can focus sufficiently to make this world transformation occur. Hmmmn.

Have ya by any chance stopped by Ether Capacious, Aunty's off topic blogsite? The poet Percy Bysshe Shelley also got mired in a similar vein of scientific occultism. Gurdjieff of course ended up a sort of Sufi whirlin' dervih outcast--despite his an Ouspensky's claim to mathematical/ scientific prowess.

I'se a wee bit suspicious of most any advice by adepts that what's material ain't real, that some gnostic/ esoteric insight is the key to the universe.