UN Funny Timing

Ya'll, we'uns is off ter celebrate Independence Day. YA'll like the idea of DEpendence?

Me neither...so at least that much, we can all agree, is good fer us--independence.

But like a rude neighbor, the Yoonited Nations has timed its gun control conference to coincide wif' the American celebration of our Independnce and the Constitution that established our Independence...including that prescient Second Amendment tht the "right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." The UN is thumbing its nose at Americans--nothin' new of course.

The thang is this--ter keep our independence means to defend it doawn ter the last man and woman. Thus, the Second Amendment. So git'cha self a gun and learn ter use it....it makes fer a more peaceful nation---doubt'n that, huh?

Well, looky--England has strict gun laws, but its murder rate is way, way up, and so is general crime...so now they ole stiff wigs in the parliament over theah is aiming ter take aways even knives or sharp instruments--so ladies, doan tuck no manicure scissors or knittin' needles in yore purse.

Over in Mexico they's got even stricter gun laws--but Mex is the most violent country in North America..so gun bannin' shur didn't hep them keep violent crime at bay--thas' a false argument.

But --like in England--it does point up somethin' important-violence ain't the synonym of guns. Nope. Guns can STOP violence. Violent folks are deterred by guns or even the threat of a gun.

Violence can be had wif' fire, poison, cords, cars,whatever comes ter hand, folks--so think now--if bbannin' guns does not stop violent crimes, why take the guns?

Ah.....why indeed. Think on it chickens'.

Meanwhile back at the Yoonited Nations what they likes best is DEpendence fer the whole world.

The UN wants ter be ya tryant of choice. Tha's what they's declarin' with the timin' of this gun grab-fest.

Happy Fourth of July!


schaumi said...

I think just a couple of years ago, Englands crime rate was listed as the highest in the world. oops, how embarrasing for Blair with his get tough on crime policies. Switzerland issues every male citizen of military age an assault rifle to keep at home - crime rate is low.
I hate guns. I've always felt we should have more stringent gun control laws.....
But apparently statistics do show that some countries with strict gun control laws have extremely high gun related crime incidents.

velvet acid tongue said...

a person or persons has been sho every day for the past week in toronto, canada. here in what used to be the murder capital of canada (winnipeg) i could sit in my home and hear gun fire very close ... like a block or two away. guns are no good. they never were and never will be.

regarding switzerland ... that is the swiss military u are speaking of. these men don't go around town sporting their assualt rifles. in fact, you could drop your wallet on the street in switzerland and people would walk around it ... so as not to be seen coveting it or ever near it.

what i'm saying is crime and violence has a lot to do with culture ... the culture of a society ... as opposed to gun control laws. the crime rate is low in switzerland likely because it is homogenous, and conformist. also the standard of living there is quite good.

where there's lots of poverty and social unrest ... crime will follow.

schaumi said...

you are right when it comes to switzerland, velvet acid tongue.
I knew those guns were issued by the military and that the standard of living is fairly high.
Countries that have a fairly large rate of income inequality usually do have a higher rate of crime. I am not talking about poverty here but income inequality. I guess you could say that income inequality is part of some countries cultures. It is part of the culture of the United States as well as England.
I still feel we ought to have more stringent gun control laws here in the U.S., although i don't think it would lower the crime rate.
Would it increase it? hmmmmmm...

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

well aint that a great point velvet?

"the crime rate is low in switzerland likely because it is homogenous, and conformist."

nice comentary on the diversity meme


maccusgermanis said...

What possibly would cause anyone to assume the authority to preclude my own right to defend myself?

The inanimate objects to be found in Swedish homes may not grip criminals with fear, but neither do they possess the Swiss to violence.

Nice post, Belle

maccusgermanis said...

Could've sworn I said Swiss

butterflygirl said...

Happy 4th to you!

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

inanimate objects is correct, mac. the highly motivated will find a way. so ill be holding on to my firearms thank you very much.


Hellpig said...

They can pry my 6 registered firearms from my cold dead body they still wont get my 3 unregistered illegal arms i keep the difference between semi-auto and auto is just a file away, i learned how via the internet

"Remember the Alamo"

Aunty Belle said...

Schaumi, youse right, chile--the countries wif the strictest gun control laws is the ones wif worst crime rate.

But it t'aint odd, ter me, on account of a local minute-market
fella keeps gun on him, and the woould-be robbers knows it...so they doan mess wif him'. Guess if bad folks think they might get popped that adjust they behavior a tad.

Looky, Aunty is not anti-gubmint, but I doan want no more of it that I gotta accept --federally. I'se most definately a State's Rights sort of lady. See, I jes' doan trust big gubmint --them polly-ticians is lookin' to keep t heyselves in power, ain;t lookin' ter do somepin really right and true (most times, anyway). So....why does we wanna take guns from us'uns and leave that untrustworty gubmint as the only ones wif' guns?

Does ya'll know that a Bost University prof done examined the last century and found that gubmints, as an agregate, killed 'bout 115 million of they own folks!?

See when they gets all the guns, they have all the power tipped they way and gets a bit drunk on the power of it all. Doan give up yer guns. Switzerland is on ter somepin'.

Aunty Belle said...

Velvy, yep....youse seein' it right, I think:
"the culture of a society ... as opposed to gun control laws. the crime rate is low in switzerland likely because it is homogenous, and conformist. "

Aunty Belle said...

Schaumi...the idea of gun control sounds OK-- when unexamined. Trouble is, doll-baby, that law-abidin' folks turns them in, but bad folks doan, and jes' gets some more to boot. Then the balance is lost and crime escalates.

Yep Dawg, we's on the same page.

Hey MACC...ya' watchin' them snakes on the Hudson? Our Fore-Daddy's knew where of they spoke---they came from places where gubmint and king held all, so they took care of that situation, huh? They wanted ter make shur a man (or a woman) could defend they own self--a safeguard AND a keen method of insurin' personal responsibility. I'm aimin' ter honor they insight.

Sweet Shoat! Hey babe...looky, I'se wif ya! But...one thang does worry me: Ya gots plenty plenty of ammo? Could jes' ban ammo, ya know...but it would create one hell of a black market!

Aunty Belle said...

Butterfly, thanky darlin', we'uns had a right fine Fourth! Hope ya'll sis too.(did'ja ever think how descriptive it would be ter call butterflies "flutterbys"?

Anonymous said...

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