Jihad : Who is the REAL ENEMY ?

Folks, I'se madder than a hornet. An' this here post is jes' stuff to share wif ya' from my recent readin'. Mostly it is about Jihad history and "terror".

(News flash: Since this post went up, I have had some emails finger pointin' at me fer not being kind to Muslims...folks who read this blog know that Aunty is no friend of Islam, but the muslims who suffer under it's sway is victims--most are poor and undereducated and they're bein' used by the wealthy educated Islamic puppet masters.)

I'se hoping ya'll will tell me what ya' think of this in terms of what we (the WEST) ought do now and fer the near future--mebbe for next 5 years or so.

First, lemme tell you how fire angry I gits wif' bookstores that are censorin' yore readin material, startin' wif Barnes and Noble, that cesspool of occult and ecofreakology. Try this: Go in ter B & N and jes' try to find Oriana Fallaci or Bat Ye'or. BArnes and Nobel doan have it and they'll be real snooty when they tells ya that.

If ya' ask to order it, why, they git a look on they faces like they smell sompin' putrid. Even Mark Steyn's great new America Alone was scarce.

I doan like Amazon on account of them tabulatin' yore key strokes, then they send you "suggestions" based on their profile of you--and they gits mah "profile" way wrong eve'r time. This is cause if you wanna check put what sort of books a certain vile person wrote, ter git a feel for how deep they's compromised, Amazon assumes you like that sorts trash. Ain't feedin' them no more info on my readin' choices.

Somehow, despite the bookstore jihad against truthful history of jihad, I got a copy of JIHAD by Paul Fregosi. Ya'll git one too...most comprehensive fer the non-scholar. I got the Fallaci and Bat Ye'or too and we needs ter read em' since iffin' things fall the wrong way, we gonna really need ter know our enemy. Ya knows we's on elevated alert at the moment?

A small digression: Aunty has has a fair number of trips to northern Spain. Them folks act like the Moors was there yesterday. Thas' how visceral their memories are of the terror of Muslim Spain.

SO, naturally Fregosi's book has a good chunk devoted to Spain, which will give you the same visceral reaction. ( Naturally, I'se asummin' youse read Bernard Lewis' books, ya'll being all high brow folks)

Next, I drive 'round listening to Robert Spencer's book on CD, The Truth About Mohammed.

Doan need to tell you that it is not possible to remain neutral on the matter of Islamic Jihad.

But here is good point: each time "negotiation" or "appeasement" or "diplomacy" fails--and it does--the recruiting rate for teenaged jihadi's skyrocket. They are so jazzed about your imminent demise that they whirl like dervishes jes' to belong to a cell group.

Lemme know how it is that the Frogs think that a ban on pork in soup for the homeless will hold off the terror in the Paris ghettos? See, what they doan wanna say out loud is that the homeless is basically Muslim immigrants.

The BBC reports that Russia is crackin' down on "immigrants" who come to the flea markets to sell stuff...but they won't say on BBC that these immigrants is Islamic.

We is victimized by our own Western Media--they want us in the dark--idea is so we won't panic, but ya'll, what is really the reason is so we won't demand better policy for the preservation of our culture.

Culture...here is an important realization, chickens, and it requires some deep thought. Public policy is not based on pragmatic responses to defined problems, but based more on what we intend ter say about ourselves. Jihad is public policy for Islam. Jihad doan solve NO problems fer their poor starving, ignorant, jobless muslims.

Ah, but it says EVER'THANG about what Islam wants ter say about itself.

And the key here, as compared to us'uns, is that they at least know who they is.

The West is divided--thanks to "enlightenment" philosophy and the modern media--into those who do have a sense of identity, and those who prefer to rewrite our heritage. They want to craft a global village (all the better for control and commerce my dear) and to do so means to pry you loose from yore prideful heritage.

See, iffin' you wanna hold on ter being a proud Scotsman, American, Spaniard, or Czech, why then you won't make a very good globalist.

War ain't pretty. Never was, and even techno advances won't make it Cinderella.

But we need to know some history of the meaning of the rise of European States. When Europe organized around sovereignty and a monarch, war was confined to state actors--more or less. Any free lance activity met a decisive blow from the king's men.

So think now--ya'll got any picture of what would happen if some free-lance cells from Poland or Ireland or Texas went in bidness fer themselves? Let's slam a series of IEDs on Syrian offices with a "Texas kilroy was here" label and them Syrians won't have ter lift a finger --why ?

Cause the wrath of Uncle Sam will do it fer them.

In reverse, it ain't that way. All these "non-state actors" from Egypt or Saudi Arabia or Pakistan....their kings or mullas or gubmint is CHEERIN' behind they beards. What a farce fer them to say that they cain't do nuthin' about it...and you can bet aunt Gertie's garter that every Euro and American leader KNOWS IT.

A key component to "terror" is its unpredictability. When yore scout rides hell fer leather to bring yore King the message that LeRoi and company is landin' an armada on your shores, you have a week to prepare. Ya cain't move armies by stealth. Terror has all these advantages: it is cheap--no need to feed and clothe an army; it permits denial of responsibility; it is effective.

* * *

Ever'body knows that we could crush jihad iffin' we had the will ter do so. We got the best toys. So what really is the problem?

Well, suppose youse fer a new order of thangs, a global world, a global society. A heap of folks see this idea as the next (final?) level of political evolution, even human evolution--ya know? Where we's all holdin' hands across the world and every baby belongs to everybody and nobody is anybody cause everybody is our body?

An along comes an old enemy--Islam--with his puny jabs ...ah, but the globalist sees a way ter use it..after all, the old enemy announces he will destroy western civ...and Globalists want to destroy western civ too--as an IDEA--but not its assets and resources or even its people....all they wanna do is destroy the identity of western civ so they can impose global citizenry on ever'body--fer the sake of peace, a'course....why not let Ahmed do it fer ya? When they's achieved what they want, they'll jes' vaporize Ahmed and boys.

This is ABSOLUTELY not to imply that the towers was an inside job--thas' idiocy. this is NOT to fan conspiracy fires that names GWB as part of a global hegemon. Nope...

What Aunty Belle is wonderin' is iffin a critcal mass of folks in universities, gubmint, politcs (Jimmy carter, John Kerry, Billary) , arts (Clooney, Baldwin, Streisand) media ( ted turner, ted koppel, dan rathergate) is already identifying with the global meme, they pressure for appeasement of Ahmed, and subvert efforts to use effective force against "terror" and mullahs and kings masquerading behind "non-state actors," they send cindy sheehan $$, they demand Gitmo be remodeled into the Taj Mahal......they admire poltroons like Chavez...they are so so-fist-icated, and "forward thinkin."

It is these folks who is our enemy. Youse seein' them aplenty at Barnes and Noble and Starbucks, in yore college classrooms, at the local art center, in yore offices.

Clear these buffoons outa the way, folks. Then lean on the domestic pressure points and demand the WEST use due force to clip Ahmed's vas deferens and git on with OUR lives.


Mayden's Voyage said...

~Objective = Unbiased~

A quote from Fallaci:
"Objectivity, she said, was "a hypocrisy which has been invented in the West which means nothing. We must take positions. Our weakness in the West is born of the fact of
so-called 'objectivity.' Objectivity does not exist . The word is a hypocrisy which is sustained by the lie that the truth stays in the middle. No, sir: Sometimes truth stays on one side only."

As I see it- many Americans don't want to know the truth about the real nature of Islamic terrorism.

It's the same with thousands of people who have AIDS, but won't be tested...they don't want the confirmation of their death sentence. It's Denial based on fear.
Others watched the horrors of 9-11 unfold and looked for a conspiracy.

Add to this the illness of mindless tolerance in our culture- being "tolerant"- when the opposing force is nothing close to tolerant.

Some like to say that Jesus was tolerant- and that he would be today...NO, he was patient, and showed mercy. Tolerance euqals acceptance..."GO and sin no more" was not acceptance- was it?

And I think we as a nation would be wise to say something similar to the terrorists, "Stop- or else!"

We get tangled up in our "objectivity"- not wanting to appear or be biased because of a couple of nuts...but sadly there are more than a few nuts in the Islamic faith.
Nuts with bombs and an unhealthy desire to strap one on.

Our desire to be objective, unbiased, and therefore "guiltless" of being politically incorrect has blindfolded a number of people.

I suppose the blindfolds will come off with a second attack?

"Sigh"- I hope it doesn't come to that. Clip the vas Deferens- Quick!

(I had never heard of Oriana until today- and I did a good bit of reading up on her- she seems to have been a remarkable woman- thanks for the heads up about her.)

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

that's my mayden! (soft) grrrrrrrr

there are far too many americans that define themselves as tolerant which i think they intend it as synonymous with educated and sophisticated as you noted aunty.

having read 'the force of reason' over the Christmas holiday i am aware of how this attitude will condemn the US to the same fate as europe now finds herself....bending over backwards to accomodate the most intolerant punks on the planet. at the expense of their own culture. whats that old saying? something about how great civvy's fall from suicide?

i read a comment reacently that i thought was hilarious. it was: moderate muslims are like UFO's...everybody keeps taliking about them but no one has ever actually seen one. grrherehrahaha

aunty im about ready to ride with matamoros but i think mayden is correct in noting we're gonna have to do this the hard way.

and for all his flaws, W at least will say the word islamofascism. damn though that he always adds the obligatory "great religion" on the back end. ditto the pope.

aunty, i vote YOU for president.

as your vice rottweiler i recommend we refuse entry into the USA of all muslims until we "sort this out" close the borders "until we sort this out" and do like you said before...point a fatbody at mecca (hat tip to helly) and tell the saudis and syrians and the dinner jacket to reign in their poison pills or else.

great post...may it fall on the ears that need to hear it.


Aunty Belle said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
K9 said...

/bark bark bark

boy auntie you get more deleted comments than any other blog i read. curious and curiouser.


Aunty Belle said...

Wow--MAyden, youse surpisin' me darlin'--ever'thang you wrote is dead right, sugar. Fer a young thang, youse wise--yep, youse got reality in yore grasp.

The trouble with tolerance is it makes such good cover fer "I don;t want to get involved" and "I can't be bothered" and "I am SO hip..."

No puddin', Jesus was not tolerant of evil. An, he named evil when he seen it---

Dawg, hey!You spent yore Christmas with Fallaci by yore bed? That was one brave lady. ...that UFO comment is hilarious...an' I doan know who this anon/deleter is .....

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Hellpig said...

In short the Liberals and their failed Multiculturalism expiriment

Stogie said...

Mayden sure has it right when she said "many Americans don't want to know the truth about the real nature of Islamic terrorism." It was the same in the Cold War regarding Communism. Many Americans don't want to face reality and find it more pleasant to rationalize external dangers away. Then they vote for Democrats who think the same way they do.

Unfortunately, it will take a "24" style atomic attack on a major US city to wake them up.

Aunty Belle said...

Helly and Stogie--hidy boys...yep, the multicultural experiemnt is a monumental cesspool, and Stogie, I shire doan wanna see no suitcase nuke as the only thang to light a fire under their ponderous bottoms--but really, I'se ready to smack the conservatives--they is too reticent--we need to take our internal war to defcon 5-- I meanm ffin a lib moves his haid too far ter one side , snatch it off his shoulder--we simply must make ourselves felt.

Mercy, but I'se riled up!

Aunty Belle said...

“The universalism of Islam, in its all-embracing creed, is imposed on the believers as a continuous process of warfare, psychological and political, if not strictly military. . . . The Jihad, accordingly, may be stated as a doctrine of a permanent state of war, not continuous fighting.”2
— Majid Khadduri

Mr Q said...

Aunty, help me understand this.
How do we even begin to do damage control here, when laws and bills are passed daily to our educational system, allowing for more nonsense to flow through the fragile brains of our youth? The extremist agenda of the KKK in the past has now an identincal twin just as evil and is called "tolerance", it is practiced anywhere and everywhere that there are no balls. Where there are brains, there are no balls. Balls is what we need during these uncertain times because brains are already damaged from all this trying to please everyfreakingbody policy. And yes the people once called conservatives are now democrats and the remaining ones are in the brink of extintion or being called "ultra right wingers", I am a little bit of all. But first of all a United States Of America citizen. Peace! or war, what the hell?

Aunty Belle said...

Mr. Q, darlin', I hears ya on every single point--amen to it all. In fact--stand by, I just may do a whole post in e a few days on this topic. Doan lose no heart, puddin'.

Truth be known, less than half the colonists was in favor of the American Revolution--most would have appeased the Redcoats--it were the brave and principled few who moved ahead and got things rollin'.

Malinda777 said...

Amen Belle... time to kick some more ass and take names. Oh yeah, we already have the names, we just need to kick the ass!

Makes me a bit nervous that these same nuts want to put the half breed rock star in the white house and give him a key to the red button. His Kansas raised mother married not one, but two of the more radical mullah types.

Can't find a lot of real truth about any of it as the media seems to have a block on any facts of his young life. Not a smart move...

We're just letting them move on in one at a time. We HAVE to move on this stuff or before we turn our other cheek it will be too late.

Nice article Belle... I must read the book :)

Anonymous said...

am' not Americano Aunty...but here in me' lil' island country...they say zee' A. Sayyaf leader is dead..He is a very dangerous man..with links to the J Islamiyah...plus just this morning I heard that the indonesian responsible for the Bali bombings was woulded in an encounter...here in me lil' paradise..

We have a pretty dee' doo' country..but the South is tainted with fleas and blood sucking veiled ticks...There is an encounter going on there with your soldiers coaching ours or probably in battle as well, although my government hides this...no matter...my hope is together they raze these perverts to the ground...death is too glorious for the veiled thugs though...



Ronald Barbour said...

Hello to my favor Southern Aunty: I love to read your informative articles.

Your nephew, Ronbo The Zionist Crusader, is gonna get hisself another one them Fatwas writt'n stuff like this here:

The New Nazi-Soviet Pact of 2007

infinitesimal said...

oh lawdy!

I did not read the post or the comments, i just read:

unkind to muslims and came here to ask, don't you mean unkind to extremist muslims?

I mean, the meek and kind muslims are not so scary aunt, they do not want to cut off your head...

but, like I said, I did not read the post.


Aunty Belle said...

Infini, I'se tickled ter see ya'....

yes, I does mean what ya say, and that is what I done said, fer shure--but to yer point, can ya hep me see why we never see or hear much of the moderate gentle Muslims?

THey's one reason I know fer shure--they's scared spitless. Been told this by Muslims theyselves--iffin' they denounce jihadi terror, they suffer. One Muslim man told me that to be Muslim is to be very much in tribal mentality. That they simply cannot say anything negative about another muslim.

What is puzzlin' me is how come in America we doan see more liberated women denouncin' the way Muslims treat women? Why they ain't lettin' women vote? Get much education, etc....

Contessa, it has been awhile since I'se in school--but Uncle and me, why we's poor poor poor when we's kids at university. So we lived in student housin' whar' next to us was
a Egyptian couple, her wif a master's in biology, he gettin' a Ph.D.

She was not permitted to be outside until he came home each afternoon--and baby, then student houses had NO air conditioning--that poor woman sweltered until 5 every day when he came home and let her out.

Now see, what upsets me 'bout this to this day is they was "progressive" muslims--cause he let her get her biology degree (in Egypt).

An does ya' 'member, onc't before I recalled on the back porch how a muslim diplomat--moderate progressive--that was havin' coffee with some Euros and Americans at the East River Beast reached over and grabbed Aunty's crucifix and said "if you wear this to my county I'd kill you for it." All nice and soft voiced, like, "ho-hum, jes' another day in America."

An that was afore 9-11. Sorta sticks wif' ya, iffin' ya see what I mean?

infinitesimal said...

i ain't arguin'
it ain't purty

no mellina's

but Aunt...

What would Jesus do?

that MUST be your creedo, agreed?
it MUST.

otherwise, why wear the crucifix?

your profile said you likes good people of all stripes.

i personally believe that dark spirits walk in empty vessels.

We human bottles have free will as to what we choose to keep in ourselves, and if we choose to ignore our choice? then sometimes we gets filled with all manner of material... but deep deep down, we are still beautiful vessels. Each human being has a speck of glory and wonderful joy that makes them alive.

I choose only to see that.

Some call me an idiot.
Others call me an angel.

I am neither.

But I feel love for the jihad man who scraped the clit off of his wife. Why? because the other options do not suit me. i must love, it is what i contain.

Now come on over and laugh at what i did in my 20's

religion of pieces said...

Are Muslims actually demon-worshippers?

"Whatever the case, whatever the explanation, this point stands out clearly: Satan accused Allah of being a perverter, a misleader, with the Quran agreeing that this is what Allah truly is, going so far as to boast that Allah is actually the best schemer/deceiver of them all!"

Read more about Allah 'The Great Deceiver', the 'Father of Lies' at


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