Euro Leader: " Islam is Totalitarian", "Barbarian"

Europeans, weary of the civil strife that un-assimilated Muslims immigrants provoke, have slowly begun to speak up about the factual history of Islam. The politically correct gloss on cultural clashes has not brought the stability that Eurocrats had hoped their faked rhetoric would build.

In Austria politician Susanne Winter said that Islam is "a totalitarian system of domination that should be thrown back to its birthplace..." and noted that the prophet Mohamed was "a child molester"--reference to his "marriage" to six year old Alisha, a union that was consummated when the child was nine years old.

The increase in the incidence of barbarian practices--notably female genital mutilation--alarms Europe. This horrifying practice is emblematic of the Islamic attitude toward women.

Increasingly the average European's daily life requires engagement with tense Islamic elements.

A new chapter in the history of the West and Islam is being written. The ancient strife has never been resolved, merely gone dormant. The West will once again learn what their forebears won when Islam was repelled at the gates of Vienna and when Queen Isabel of Spain thrust the last of the Moors from Granada.


The Troll said...

Familiarity breeds contempt? The problem is much smaller (although growing) in the USA.

For most of us, daily life doesn't require engagement with tense islamic elements.

But it would be a good subject for a book to examine the few circumstances where American's daily lives are impacted by refusing-to-assimilate muslib neighbors.

I've read SHORT non-book-length pieces on:

1) Those small Yankee towns in Maine with large numbers of Somali muslibs.

2) American Christians of Arab Descent in increasingly muslib Michigan.

3) Residents of Oakland harassed by a combination of real muslibs and democrat-hero Louis Farrakhan's followers.

But, to my knowledge, a thorough coast-to-coast examination hasn't been done.

A good project for Aunty Belle?

The experience of Christian Arabs in Michigan was especially telling. In areas where they were the majority, they WARMLY WELCOMED brother Arabs allegedly seeking a better way-of-life in America.

Years passed by. In many areas of Michigan the Christians are now the minority. And the welfare-freak muslib majority spends their days harassing their Women, boycotting (and sometimes burning) their businesses, and generally doing what muslibs always do when in control.

she said...

grrrerhahaha yes those small towns in maine. thats where "mo" the lost dog poster appeared. too bad our muslim brethren arent into those kinds of sophmoric statements. no i think they gravitate toward the more explosive kind. grrrherherhahaha

but but DIVERSITY is the greatest force on earth!

and hillary and the giant oppressive lib juggarnaut will liberate the downtrodden peeps from their entitlement enslavement. and then, monkeys will fly out of the dinner jackets ***.

wait no. aunty! you are nuts! crazy! how dare you notice the elephant in the living room. grrrrherhahaha

yeah. really. why listen to those on the front lines? what do they know. doan worry aunty.

she said...

last night on glenn beck there was a guy from canada reporting about how some muslim brethren want to impose sharia law in certain areas. and they are considering it. meanwhile, mark steyns book "america alone" cannot be sold and cartoons are banned as well. the guy is levant i think and has several utubes out on the death of free speech in canada.

slip slidin' away!

Aunty Belle said...

Heard of Davos? The big semi- secret world Economic Forum whar' the mega rich and heads of state hire all the world's body guards and party hearty in Switzerland?
Yeah, that outfit--well they done issued a white paper sayin' Europeans is wee-weein' down they britches legs over ISlamic immigration--all the violence ya see.

Europe is projected to be 15% Muslim by 2020, wif' parts--France , Germany and Holland at 30% and thus,

"deterioration on the international political front will be felt most severely in Europe"

Bat Ye'or, they would not listen when ya warned 'em---sigh.

Read it here: http://www.weforum.org/pdf/C100/

Anonymous said...

Danes are among the most critical of Islam, according to a report by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Some 79 percent of Danes responded in a poll that they considered more interaction with the Muslim world as a threat.
Read it, Auntie. Here's more from GoV:

"The worry was shared by a large majority in other European countries such as Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain, where up to 67 percent of the population feared more Western interaction with Muslim communities.

The message of the report was clear: there was a widening gap between the West and Islam."

The Troll said...


I have a SMALL amount of hope that the relatively sane and oil-rich Western Provinces will secede from welfare-freak muslib-appeasing Canuckistan at some point.