Pop Quiz on Islamic Europe

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Muslim immigrants to Europe:

1. Are Islamic moderates who seek only asylum from mild-mannered visionaries like Ahmadinejad and who work to adapt to their new European communities.

2. Are agents of diversity and bring intelligent, beneficial, multicultural values to European nations and are highly values as neighbors.

3. Have rescued Europe from their lawless backward barbarism and spread a respect for science, art and human rights while maintaining a peaceful process of inculturation and family values.

4. Have announced that they will dominate Europe by 2020 and will enforce Sharia (Islamic) law on every man, woman, child and beast. This is commanded by Allah, PBUH.

Yore score______

In the previous post, the She-pup observed that the real-time reports of the people most intimate with Eurabia (Islamic invaded Europe) are often dismissed by Western Liberals.

Why? 'Cause for liberals an image of themselves as "tolerant" is
more important than actual facts of the culture war. Libs is infected wif'a virus called "saving the appearances." The appearance of a world that can be saved from butchery and war by "tolerance" is the fiction they cling to so that need not actually face the wrenchin' truth of thangs.

Kudos to the She-Pup for correctly analyzing the situation of the West and Islam.

Below is is a report from a Dutch blog that illuminates the struggle in real communities in Europe. Aunty thinks Americans need to feel the pull of the reality vortex that will soon suck at our own substance.

Note: I ain't checked this blogs claims wif' mah sources yet, so ain't swearin' it is all true--ya'll read and decide.

* * * *
Today the Dutch conservative blog HetVrijeVolk.com published a furious email from the Rotterdam Labor Party councillor Bouchra Ismaili. I quote: "Listen well, you crazy freak. We are here to stay! Hahahaha. Drop dead! I am a Dutch Muslim and I will stay that way until I die." Ismaili contends: "You are the foreigners here!!! With Allah on my side I fear no one. Me and my fellow Muslims are alive! Your species is being consumed by hatred. Let me give you some advice: Convert to Islam and find peace at heart!" Now what exactly made Ismaili go snap? A certain Jos Parbleu had sent her two quotes from the Turkish-Dutch Okay Pala, the local leader of the radically Islamist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir. During an interview with the newspaper De Telegraaf he had said: "We reject freedom of speech, because we reject democracy," and "What you need is a heavy bomb attack". Hizb ut-Tahrir is also known for activities such as handing out Islamist pamphlets in Dutch cities. In those pamphlets, Hizb ut-Tahrir calls for action against those who insult Islam, or against the infidels in general. According to the Dutch Secret Service, Hizb ut-Tahrir regards itself "not yet strong enough to use violence" in the struggle for Islamic world domination. Fortunately, there are more than enough moderate Muslims in the Netherlands. You know, the ones that have embraced liberal democracy. Those brand new middle class Muslims that will protect us against the radicals. Succesful immigrant politicians like... Bouchra Ismaili.

* * *

Job Cohen, the Labor Party mayor of Amsterdam, has officially started worrying. In his New Year's speech held on Tuesday night, he called the 'underachievement of some youths' one of Amsterdam's biggest issues. The policies on juvenile criminals, the mayor added, have failed. Hearing this from a mayor, who by many is known as a politically correct radical, can be recorded as the first break-through of 2008.

But for most people in the Netherlands the mayor's outcry is old wine in even older bottles. Real life people have known for a decade or so that the problem is the Moroccan street terrorists, who are dying to start another mini-jihad against Dutch society. The very night before Cohen's speech, these youths had attacked the police station at the August Allebé square in West Amsterdam. Windows were crashed and three police cars went up in flames.

Some of the Moroccan youths are the children or grand children of the guest workers recruited from Morocco in the 60s and early 70s. But when the recruitments stopped in 1973, the number of Moroccans in the Netherlands stood at a mere 22 thousand. The largest part of the Moroccan community entered the country through marriage immigration (the socalled right of family reunion), bringing the population to 329 thousand in 2007.

While billions of euros have been spent on literacy programs, Dutch language and integration courses, additional school subsidies, neighborhood hang-outs and multicultural street parties, Moroccans are notoriously 'underachieving'. The Dutch journalist Fleur Jurgens in her book Het Marokkanendrama summarized that 60 pct of the adults live on welfare, and that 70 pct of the youths drop out of school without a useful diploma. According to a 2006 research, 40 pct of the same youths reject a Western lifestyle, and 6 pct is even willing to use violence to defend Islam. The tolerant welfare state, celebrated as a role model to the world in the multicultural 90s, seems to have created a monster.

* * *

The second essay on Islam, "Islam and the West, A Brief History" is in translation and will be posted soon.


The Troll said...

They're failing because of White European racism. And because of Columbine. And because Israel exists.

No libs need comment on this topic. I've covered all the bases for you. And managed not to use grotesquely inaccurate numbers in so doing.

Note : The White European Racism referenced above exists only in that Continent's political Conservatives. Those 4 guys are really really really racist. Their racism is so virulent it counter-acts the benevolent tolerance of the Continent's 600 Million lefties.

Anonymous said...

By "they're" you mean the Muslims, I presume. Yep....4 rabid conservatives outnumber 600 million libs every time!

Aunty (Belle from off the reservation)

The Troll said...

Yes, "they're" referred to muslibs. The article mostly used "underachieving".

Donald Douglas said...

Hello Aunty Belle!

Hope you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE NUTS. INSANE. I know MANY Muslims who are devout peaceful neighbors. WARMONGER!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Stats on US military deaths vs. home-grown deaths:

In 2005 8,718 young Americans from the same age group were murdered in this country. That's over twice as many as the number of troops killed in *all* our foreign missions since 2001. Maybe military service not only prevents you from committing crimes, but also keeps you alive?


she said...

thanks for the howl out aunty. but in a nation that would elect a hilary clinton or barak obama when they say straight up out in the open what they believe i dont have a lot of hope that it wont require another super shocker to wake em up. hunker down!

BHUMI said...

The trouble with Moslems is that they ignore what the world is seeing and saying and keep repeating that Islam is a religion of peace. That assertion is questionable even on the basis of verses in Koran which relate to the duty of all Moslems to kill those who wish to leave Islam. Are cruel punishments like stoning to death, cutting off the limbs or making a wall fall on the accused signs of a peaceful religion? In India, there is not a single Hindu or Buddhist pre-Islamic rule monument standing intact. Every image, which was dear to the followers of these ancient religions, has been deliberately disfigured. Is it a sign of religion of peace? Thousands of temples have been destroyed in Bangladesh after India helped it attain independence in 1971 as graphically described by Taslima Nasreen. She could not stay in India because of pressure built by Indian Moslems. The huge Buddhist images were destroyed in Afghanistan while the world watched in horror and Moslems celebrated in the streets. Is this a religion of peace?
All countries dominated by any other faith allow Moslems to live and practice their religion. Try to enter Saudi Arabia with a religious book or icon of any other religion. It shall be destroyed before your eyes. Moslems flee oppression and poverty in Islamic countries and then demand Islamic rule in secular countries which give them shelter. Today, Turkish Prime Minister has told German Moslems not to integrate with German society.
Hatred and scorn for other faiths is scattered throughout Koran. Let any Moslem stand and say that he gives the same respect for other faiths that he expects for his faith from others. They retain the right to convert others to their faith, by coercion, if necessary, as was done in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and earlier in Iran and Afghanistan. Yet, they threaten Moslems with death if they wish to exercise the freedom of choosing another faith.
Islam is retrograde. The world evolves but this cult wants to stick to the words of an ancient time which is anachronistic today. The Koran says that it is a crime not to be a Moslem and their leaders like Anjam Chaudhary echo that stupid sentiment on TV. Then they want the world to believe that Islam is a religion of peace.
Moslems should wake up and realise that if others have not resorted to violence with equal fervour against their Jihad, it is not because people of other faiths are cowards. It is because other faiths do not exhort with such fervour a resort to violence. Moslems should not wait for the day when the pitcher of patience of the rest of the faiths overflows. Then it will be too late for Moslems. They should know that religions can be wiped out. Moslems themselves had done this to the great Zoroastrians in Persia.