Goodbye Last Best Hope on Earth

Here is a good opinion piece from Peter Hitchens (the brother of Christopher--but the better half of the pair I think.)

Find this story at www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1084111/PETER-HITCHENS-The-night-waved-goodbye-America--best-hope-Earth.html


frizzy scissorhands said...

1. the author misinterprets the term 'third world'

2. America? the last best hope on earth? puullleeeese .... that's a little too over the top for me.

everything else he writes is merely based in ideology. everyone's entitled to his/her own opinion. personally, i find hitchen's article a series of irrelevant rants strung together. but, that's just me.

Malinda777 said...

He's not in the big chair just yet, but he went to see it sooner than any other P-elect has.

He's announcing his intention for immediate executive order actions which means no Congress allowed.

He's mentioned that of his first three, he'll allow for taxpayer funding of abortion on foreign soil, repeal of past action against stem cell research, the kind in which they join an egg and sperm for the sole purpose to destroy the "unit created".

He wants to form a "civilian private security force"...militia that answers to him (what's wrong with the existing secret service?)

The Fairness Doctrine is 1st or so on his agenda, and he wants to repeal any off-shore drilling rights.

Reading on his new website (to enlighten us all to prepare for his governorship) called www.change.gov he's mentioned an expedited income tax filing system that with all the new electronic data available will allow those with not many deductions be able to receive a "PRE-FILLED" tax return that just has to be signed and sent in...

He has a cradle to grave mentality that he wants to impose on me and I needed my parents from the cradle to 18, but since then...I've done just fine all by myself. I don't need Obama to hold my hand. I have two feet to stand on, and all the regulations, new ideas, and other obstacles I'm already seeing EVEN BEFORE he's taken office makes me see that there will be a lot of garbage in front of my two feet hindering my walking capability.

I suppose when all that trips me up and I fall, he wants to be there to give me a hand up...

I'm afraid he'll be quite surprised that at the end of my hand when his reaches will be only a mere middle finger rising above my disgust.

I might anguish in that disgust and lay fallen, but I'm pretty sure that me and others will crawl up, dust ourselves off, and deal with the situation...but in front of me will be Obama's hand out, yet BEHIND ME, BESIDE ME, and WITH ME and INSIDE ME will be millions of other dusty hands with protruding middle fingers.

We'll link all our sadly malformed middle fingers together and form an impenetrable chain and walk on, and walk up, and walk together.

God Bless America!

Aunty Belle said...

From a UK visitor who left this comment on the Front Porch's LAST WORD ON OBAMA post:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a little space on the porch for a UK cuz?
I've followed your election for months, like many in Britain and I'm sorry for the result.
What you lose, you will never regain so fight every attempt to destroy the Nation you love from within.
I've heard some Conservatives say "just four years to go".
This is naive, trust me.
Who will take back the freebies from the subsidy junkies, the professional victims?
In the UK and Europe the hard luck story wins every time, the tax payer just bleeds more cash until we are working not to feed and clothe our own families but the offspring of the immigrant and workshy.
This is ahead for you, where mediocrity is glorified and independent thought is sneered at and discouraged.
America was a beacon for the Free World, dont let the light dim by submitting to the forces of Socialism.
Britain and Europe have already fallen.

(note to new visitors, the Front Porch is typically "lighter fare" and here on the BACK Porch it is serious matters. )

Aunty's Response to Cat fromt he UK:

Thanky you for this reminder. More people move to the US than to any other nation when seeking freedom and the opportunity to make their dreams come true. THat will end when jobs are shipped off to other nations because our taxes are punitive.

On the death of Europe and the UK please read older posts (See archives) here on the BACK Porch.

TROLL said...

Very well-written. McRino would have been wise to mention the cold hard reality of traitor-democrat-party-of-filth Chicago politics from time-to-time. A brand of politics that is as far from Classical Liberalism as one can find outside of North Korea.

moi said...

Goodness. Bamm-Bamm calling himself a Classical Liberal is like me wearing Crocs to shop for groceries. Can't exist. In the same. Universe.

GenX said...

Bravo Aunty Belle!!

As Yoda said.. "be afraid...be very afraid".

Aunty Belle said...

Frissy, ho!

Well, of course, we've different angels of view, shall we say? Hitchens is world renowned--Oxford educated an' all that gussied up stuff. No--he is hardly irrelevant, but can make one uncomfortable THere is a marvelous and wry debate between the brothers' Hitchens --Christopher the obnoxious , brilliant but angry one and Peter, the classier version, just as bright, and on the opposite ideological pole. These thangs do happen in families, ....

Malinda ! Hey LAdy.

yep--ya saw the interview whar' is henchwoman said he would be ready to "rule from day one." Heh--I hope he tries it...the sooner the mob sees what this marxist is really made of, the better.

heh...classical liberalism, a long slow death, an' what a LOSS to the Western World. McCain weren't mah first or 10th choice, though I did vote fer him...but I doan think thar wass much he coulda said to get the trian back ont he track.

Troll plain hard truth is, too many Americans wanted this imagery--a minority pres--for adecent reason, jes' wasntted it so bad that they REFUSED ALL REASON and reality when it came to thinkin' about what he WAS--not what the image is. They jes' turned a blind eye to the hard facts. They's already been two public figures who have publicly stated their regret now that BO has show a bit if his treacherous real face ...sometimes people is utterly blinded by what they want, not what is reality.

MOI, Mde. PResidentia!
Bamm bamm?!?!?!--HILARIOUS that is too ripe!

howdy do--come often iffin' ya can--need a gen x insight. YEs, "be very afraid"....but channel our fear to do good work for the right side.

K9 said...

american republicans unable to fight on moral and cultural fronts? what a laugh. its worse than that. they are not even able to articulate the ideals of conservatism. and they aren't conservatives. they want to be up there like fat cats and they thrown in with the demons and against their constituency every chance they get. mccain would be the president today had he had the courage to stand against the bailout and even better, stop it. now i cant tell the difference between the two.

"hope" is the perfect word to be associated with obummer. its all youve got when you have NOTHING else.

NYD said...
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NYD said...

The results of this election haven't surprised me at all. The American public, having been deprived of decent public education and fed on nothing but what the mass media and the church feeds them is understandably easily decieved into believing that they are getting something good for Christmas this year.
Unfortunately the rude awakening that will come, long after it is way to late to do anything about it, is that most of the country has been far too lazy for too many years and that the muscles of independent thought and action have become atrophied beyond repair.

Hey, I hope I am wrong. I've been hoping that for years now.

Anonymous said...


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