Class Warfare


K9 said...

are you kidding me? this guy is a traitor to his race. an uncle tom!

the best thing he said was the about the government not providing everything for everybody, but creating the environment where the citizens can do it for themselves. but what we have is the opposite...making it harder and harder for small business, for people to keep their own money, and by punishing achievement, favoring instead a dependent class, indebted and ultimately enslaved/

TROLL Y2K said...

Couldn't get the video to play, but I know West is articulate and, hopefully, a solid guy.

What's exciting is that we have a real chance to kick traitor-democrat Ron Klein out of the 22nd District's Congressional seat with West or with someone else.

It's one of two currently traitor-democrat Florida House Seats where we have a chance to prevail.

fishy said...

I hope this guy prevails!